3060 Brighton Blvd – Lot

Parking for 3060 Brighton Blvd

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This facility, an open parking lot, is located right off of 30th and Brighton Blvd. in Denver. Parking spaces are located on the back row only of the south side of the building. There are 2 apartment buildings nearby. In addition, this lot provides a great parking option for those visiting friends that live near by. Also, it is about a half mile walk from the Mission Ballroom.

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Facility Address: 3060 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO, USA

Firstly, the building is located on the north west corner of 30th and Brighton Blvd. Secondly, the entrance to the lot is located just east of the corner of the street. Thirdly, the back row on south side of the building is the only row for paid parking. Lastly, all other stalls will be marked reserved and paid parking will be clearly signed.


  • Handicap Accessible
  • Mobile Pass Accepted
  • Oversize Vehicle Friendly

Hours of Operation

  • Monday: 24/7
  • Tuesday: 24/7
  • Wednesday: 24/7
  • Thursday: 24/7
  • Friday: 24/7
  • Saturday: 24/7
  • Sunday: 24/7