Mobile App Tips & Tricks

May 31, 2020

Mobile App Tips & Tricks

If you don’t know by now, ParkChirp is the cheapest parking app that offers the cheapest parking. The ParkChirp app lists the best daily parking & monthly parking deals in markets all across the U.S.! If you are looking for a cheap parking app to use when you travel, ParkChirp is the one.

In this post, we will quickly go over some tips and tricks to help get you extra familiar with the ParkChirp app so that you are ready to park. Read below to learn more!

Toggle Between Hourly & Monthly Parking

You can quickly switch between browsing for hourly parking and monthly parking using the ParkChirp app. To do this, simply search for any location in the search bar. After you search, you will be asked to enter dates and times. On this screen, you can select either “Hourly” or “Monthly” at the top.

Viewing Your Purchase History

Easily bring up your parking pass by navigating to the “My Parking” tab in the mobile app. Once in the “My Parking” tab, you will be able to see any upcoming, or current reservations. You can also toggle to view your purchase history by clicking the “View Past Transactions” button at the bottom of the screen! To view your monthly parking purchases, toggle between “Hourly” and “Monthly” toward the top of the screen.

Rebook at Locations You Frequent!

Don’t worry about having to search for the same address every time you need parking. With the ParkChirp app, you can easily select from recent addresses you have searched for! Make sure you still adjust the start time and end times for your reservation before rebooking!

Easily Contact Customer Support From the App!

Effortlessly contact the ParkChirp support team at any time from the app. To do this, simply navigate to the “Help” tab in the mobile app. Once in the “Help” tab, scroll to the bottom of the page and submit your support request!

Navigate with Apple & Google Maps

After purchasing your daily parking, you will have the option to navigate with Google or Apple Maps. To do this, find your current or upcoming parking reservation and scroll down. You will see buttons that link you to your choice of map service.

We hope you find some of these tips and tricks useful when using the cheapest parking app! Make sure to subscribe to the ParkChirp newsletter to stay up to date on the latest deals and more.