There’s still a lot to do in Chicago!

August 18, 2020

There’s still a lot to do in Chicago!

What’s open in Chicago right now?

2020 has been a challenging year. Popular events like sports, concerts, the marathon and other popular events have been cancelled or dramatically altered due to the impact of COVID-19. However,  there are still many fun and interesting things to do in Chicago and the surrounding area. Continue reading below for some options based off what’s open in Chicago right now!

Take to Water

One of the unique things about Chicago is its location at the intersection of Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. With the amazing summer weather, the City offers some great outdoor activities:

Hop aboard Chicago’s First Lady for an Architectural Tour

This is the breeziest way to survey the city’s famed architecture, and a must-do for any visit to Chicago. The Chicago Architecture Foundation employs certified volunteer docents who narrate the history behind 50-plus downtown buildings. Hop aboard the Chicago’s First Lady from its boat docking station located along the beautiful Chicago Riverwalk for the 90-minute tour. And better yet – there’s a full-service cash bar inside. You can also bring your own (individually wrapped) food.

Visit their site to learn more about accommodations made during COVID-19.

Spend an afternoon on the Chicago Riverwalk

Expanded and updated in 2015, this riverside walkway hosts restaurants, bars, boating docks and plenty of spots to sit and admire the views.  You can get some exercise on the Chicago Riverwalk every morning from 5am to 10am. You can also stop by between 11am and 9pm to sip some pinot at City Winery. Finally, dig into some street food from the Chicago Brewhouse. Additionally, the new Art Deco murals have gone up just west of Michigan Avenue. There is also a set of portraits by street artist Dont Fret that will soon hang at the Confluence near Lake Street.

Something entirely new: Floating Cinema

One positive byproduct of COVID-19 has been the Chicago area being flooded with new outdoor cinema options throughout the summer months. Come fall, get ready to hear the words “floating cinema.” Yes, you heard that right. Floating Boat Cinema: Chicago sets up shop in the city September 9-13 with 12-24 socially distanced mini boats, each holding up to eight people. Movies are set to be a mix of classics and new releases, with free popcorn for everyone and other movie snacks and drinks available for purchase before you set sail.

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