Seattle Attractions You Can Still Visit

November 9, 2020

Seattle Attractions You Can Still Visit

Looking for things to do in Seattle?

Seattle is best known for its natural scenery, exceptional dining options, and lively neighborhoods. While the pandemic has shifted the availability of many popular tours and attractions, there is still plenty of attarcations that you can still visit in the Emerald City. In order to visit these Seattle attractions, you must kow where to look. Continue reading below to learn about some of our favorite things that you can still do in and around the city.

Take a Self-Guided Art Tour

Seattle established a public art program in 1973 that integrates artwork and the ideas of artists into public settings. The program specifies that one percent of eligible city capital improvement project funds be set aside for the commission, purchase and installation of artworks, enriching the public experience As a result, over 200 pieces of public art are spread throughout the city. Grab this downloadable map and spend an afternoon exploring.

Explore Pike Place Market

In the late 1800s, Seattle’s population began growing rapidly. Gold rushers, loggers, fisherman, and merchants flooded into the city in hopes of striking it rich. In addition, Wholesalers took advantage of this massive demand spike, buying goods from local farmers at steeply discounted prices and selling them to local consumers at a premium. As a result, the price of produce and other goods skyrocketed, leaving both farmers and consumers unhappy. To combat this, Pike Place Market was opened on August 17, 1907, with the goal of creating a marketplace for farmers and consumers to connect directly.

To this day, Pike Place Market is known as one of, if the not best farmers markets in the country. The Pike Place Market is a Seattle attraction that is certainly worth visiting. For a guide of where to stop first, check out Thrillest’s article on the best secret shops in the market.

Visit the Sound Garden

Seattle’s Sound Garden is a collection of metal sculptures that overlook Lake Washington and turn the wind into a soothing musical ballad. The garden leant inspiration to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominated Soundgarden, who named their most popular song “Black Hole Sun” after another sculpture in the city’s collection. Entry to the Sound Garden is free; however, a photo ID is required for all visitors.

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