ParkChirp Sales Soar Despite Soft Demand Fundamentals

March 16, 2021

Parking sales are driven by a number of factors, and in most cities they directly reflect consumer confidence and the changes in buying habits. Office occupancies remain low, restaurants are slowly reopening, and both leisure and business travel is soft. However, as the gradual return to “normal” has begun, many parkers are changing the way that they commute and park. And ParkChirp wants to be part of the solution. Over the past six months, ParkChirp has experienced continuous growth as parkers seek flexible parking options. Below is a snapshot of ParkChirp sales per week from Q2 2020 to Q1 2021.

ParkChirp Sales

Since Q2 2020, the average number of transactions on ParkChirp has more than doubled. We caught up with our Pre – COVID sales levels by September, 2020.

ParkChirp Trends

Many ParkChirp customers are office workers whose traditional workplace was in the CBD of major U.S. cities. Below are several trends that have driven ParkChirp’s growth over the past year:

  • Contactless Parking – Based upon customer feedback, it’s clear that many parkers prefer a touch-free or contactless parking option.  Using ParkChirp’s app, parkers seamlessly scan a barcode to enter and exit the garage or lot, without having to touch the parking equipment or stand at a pay station.
  • Daily vs. Monthly Parking – As employees return to the office, many are working staggered schedules or are coming in sporadically.  As a result, daily parking is often more cost efficient than monthly parking. ParkChirp gives customers the ability to pay for parking only on the days when they come to the office – a big cost savings for many parkers.
  • Monthly Parking Sign Up – Parkers who want to restart their monthly agreements are turning to ParkChirp to sign up for monthly parking through the app. This streamlines the process and avoids an unnecessary trip to the garage office.

And here’s the best news:  ParkChirp is the most economical option for both garage operators and consumers.  Many other online platforms charge owners up to a 30% commission on sales; ParkChirp’s low fixed fee structure allows parking owners to save on fees – and pass along some of the savings to the consumer.

The uncertainty of the COVID-19 environment may be with us a while longer. However, ParkChirp is positioned to provide customers the best parking experience at the lowest cost!