Parking for Bank of America Stadium

August 10, 2023

Parking for Bank of America Stadium

Bank of America Stadium, located in the heart of Charlotte, is a versatile venue hosting a diverse array of events. Throughout the football season, the stadium roars with the cheers of the Carolina Panthers loyal fan base. Beyond the gridiron, it transforms into an epicenter of entertainment, welcoming music concerts that resonate through its grand stands, showcasing the performances of the world’s most famous artists. The stadium’s flexible design also accommodates soccer matches, as well as college football showdowns that draw enthusiastic crowds. Its role extends beyond sports and music, with events like college graduations fostering a sense of community. Bank of America Stadium encapsulates the spirit of Charlotte by providing a dynamic stage for an array of events that unite and energize the region.

Finding convenient parking for Bank of America Stadium can often times be a struggle. Read below to learn more about the cheapest and most convenient parking option.

401 South Graham Street – Parking Garage

The parking garage located at 401 S. Graham St is the most convenient parking option near the stadium, but is often missed by those visiting Bank of America Stadium for the first time. The garage is situated in the FNB Tower, just steps from the east corner of the stadium. This 364-space parking garage is open to the public 24/7 and offers some of the most affordable rates in Charlotte. Reserve parking at the 401 South Graham Parking garage today!

Reserve Cheap Parking Through ParkChirp

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