Cheap and Convenient Parking for Soldier Field

August 8, 2023

Cheap and Convenient Parking for Soldier Field

Parking for Soldier Field

Finding parking for Soldier Field can be a daunting challenge on game days due to a convergence of factors that create a perfect storm of limited availability and high demand. The stadium’s prime downtown location, nestled along Chicago’s iconic lakefront, means that available parking spaces are already at a premium. When combined with the passionate and massive fan base that flocks to the venue to support their teams and artists, the result is a surge in traffic, making the search for a suitable parking spot akin to finding a needle in a haystack. As a result, many attendees find themselves navigating through a labyrinth of streets and parking garages, all while contending with the tension of making it to kickoff on time. Luckily, ParkChirp is here to make your commute to Soldier Field a seamless experience. Below are the two best parking options for Soldier Field.

1130 S. Michigan Ave – Garage

Reserve parking for the 1130 S. Michigan Ave Garage in order to save time and money on your commute to Soldier Field. The 1130 S. Michigan Ave Garage offers parking 24/7 and is only a couple block walk from the stadium.

Eleven40 Garage (1140 S Wabash Ave)

The Eleven40 Garage is located in the South Loop, just one block West of Grant Park. This garage is open 24/7, making it a viable option for all of Soldier Field’s events, regardless of what time of the day it is. Click here to reserve some of the cheapest and most convenient parking options for Soldier Field.

Reserve Cheap and Convenient Parking for Soldier Field

Parkchirp provides a simple way to reserve cheap parking for Soldier Field. Just enter an address in the search bar, select your reservation time, and checkout! ParkChirp does not charge operators and parkers expensive commissions. The savings are passed along to you. Find the cheapest online rates every time at ParkChirp!