Best Sushi in Chicago

September 1, 2022

Best Sushi in Chicago

Chicago is known for its fine dining, cleanliness, and good people. Although, the general cost of living downtown can be steep depending on your habits. So, it’s understandable why when seeing the opportunity to pay a lower rate they take it. Especially when going out on our beloved town, food costs are at an all time high as chefs and creators keep raising the bar for creativity, quality, and sustainability. However, if there’s one type of cuisine that you don’t want to risk your health over by going for the lower price, it’s seafood, more specifically, sushi. Below are some of the best spots to get sushi in Chicago:


  • A little more on the expensive side, but totally worth it! Their sophisticated atmosphere and quality attracts some of the biggest names in the world as customers.
  • Located in The Loop on Randolph St.
  • Parking for Nobu – 315 N. Peoria – Garage


  • Absolutely the best. Hands down. Their sushi is ultra-fresh, atmosphere is youthful, and service is unmatched. Tuna crispy rice, nigiri, and sashimi are incredible.
  • Located in the River North district on Illinois St.
  • Parking for Sunda – Oakwood Chicago – Garage


  • Glamorous, high-end Asian cuisine. A one stop spot for the night. Enjoy a fabulous meal and stay for a while as it turns into an upbeat nightclub after 10PM.
  • Located in the River North district on Dearborn St.
  • Parking for Tao – 33 W. Ontario – Garage

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