Monthly Savings Using ParkChirp

May 8, 2020

Monthly Savings Using ParkChirp
Experience significant monthly parking savings by using ParkChirp!

It’s no secret that parking in Chicago is expensive. According to the Parkopedia 2019 North American Parking Index, Chicago is the second most expensive city for 2-hour short term parking. So, choose ParkChirp and “Park Cheep”! ParkChirp lists parking at the best garages and surface lots in town at the cheapest online rates. There are no commissions or fees charged to garage owners and operators – so the savings are passed along to you. This allows us to charge the cheapest online parking rates in the city!

ParkChirp customer support is in constant communication with customers, analyzing issues and getting feedback. One common question is, “How much can I really be saving each month using ParkChirp? It can’t be that much”. Check out the example below to see the monthly parking savings that no other online parking service can offer!

Example 1:

You’re a commuter, driving into River North five times a week to park for work. Using ParkChirp, a daily parking rate from 8:30am – 5:30pm will cost $10 at 33 West Ontario Street. However, reserving on other websites will cost anywhere from $12-$15 for the exact same time frame! By consistently using ParkChirp, your weekly parking savings will be $10-$25 and your monthly parking savings will be $40-$60!

Example 2:

You’re a first responder or healthcare worker, driving to Northwestern Memorial Hospital five times a week for work. ParkChirp has partnered with three garages (303 East Wacker, 401 North State, and 33 West Ontario) to offer $5 all day parking through May 30th! Healthcare workers will be able to save $7 to $10 for every reservation! If you fit the criteria mentioned in our Blog post about COVID-19 Parking Discounts, please feel free to email in with your information.

Example 3:

You’re a mother or father driving to take the family to Navy Pier for the day. By parking with ParkChirp, you will be able to save up to $5 in the Navy Pier garage that would be better spent on your Navy Pier experience!

By using ParkChirp, the cost of daily parking shouldn’t discourage people from exploring the great city of Chicago! Visit Choose Chicago to learn about all of the great local hotspots, and check out one of the following garages to get some cheap parking!

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